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Extraterrestrial good! With the UFO V.1 we present the lightest kite we have ever developed. Every unnecessary gram of weight has been eliminated. The result is the true dream of every foil kiter, the perfect Unlimited Foiling Object.


3 | 5 | 7 | 9 m²


Are you ready for a foil performance that seems to be only possible with alien technology? This kite will take you to new galaxies of the foil universe and increase your riding pleasure to infinity. Designed without any struts, the UFO V.1 is lighter, faster and more efficient than any other foil specialist on the market. That's why it's the ultimate Unlimited Foiling Object.

With its Compact-Swept-C-Shape, the UFO V.1 has an absolutely direct flight feeling and distinct comfort values, but at the same time an impressive wind range. The use of the proven IRS-bridle enables immediate reactions to control commands and precise power handling. In order to get the kite up in the sky as early as possible, we have not only configured it without struts, but with Teijin D1 we have used the lightest ripstop material available on the market and turned the UFO V.1 into a true flyweight. The slightest hint of a breeze is enough to keep this kite stable at the zenith. Compromises with large and less agile kites are a thing of the past. With the UFO V.1 you get the perfect partner for your foil sessions.


Slingshot has been synonymous with groundbreaking innovations in kite development for 20 years now. So it's no wonder that achievements such as the One-Pump-System or the Split-Strut-Technology, which have been copied millions of times, were created by our chief designer, Tony Logosz. The UFO V.1 does not require a One-Pump-System, but of course there are many other highlights like the IRS Bridle or the Flyweight Construction.

1 | 0 Struts

Lower weight and reduced wind resistance. Due to the construction without any struts, the UFO V.1 is incredibly light and stands stable in the sky even in a light breeze. The wind resistance is also very low due to this construction, which results in excellent upwind performance, a position far forward of the wind window edge and pleasantly low bar forces.


The combination of a deep C-curve and rear-pointed front tube gives the UFO V.1 the speed and precise control that C kites are known for. On the other hand, the bridle system provides a wide wind range with a perfectly defined depower behaviour, which allows the kite to take its pulling power away from the kite on a short bar travel.


The IRS Bridle is used here instead of conventional deflection rollers. Classical deflection rollers, as they are often used in weighing systems, are heavy, slow, usually generate unnecessary friction and corresponding wear on the weighing lines. The IRS Bridle is instead equipped with rubber lines, thus eliminating the negative effects of pulleys and also ensures an even faster and more differentiated reaction of the kite.


Fewer cloth panels, fewer seams and only the really necessary reinforcements ensure that the UFO V.1 stays in the sky when other kites, even accelerated with sine curves, don't consider coming close to the zenith.


With Teijin D1, we use the lightest ripstop material available on the market, making it the perfect cloth fibre for a foil specialist like the UFO V.1.


The growing foil trend has driven the demand for light and agile kites through the roof. A strong low end plays just as big a role for foils as tight, fast turns, a differentiated bar feedback and an optimally working depower management - enriched by distinctive drift characteristics. Exactly these performance features are provided by the UFO V.1 at the highest level. Compared to the Ghost, it is up in the sky even earlier and has a more reactive control and a higher flight speed due to the slightly more elongated Compact Swept C-Shape.


The UFO V.1 has an enormously large wind range, which sets new standards especially in the low end. The table should give you some clues. Rider weight, riding skills and board or foil size are of course decisive factors that should not be ignored.


The UFO V.1 is delivered together with a very light and compact backpack.