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Core GTS 6

from 1,289.00 €

incl. VAT, plus delivery
Delivery time: 5 - 7 day(s)



The GTS6 comes with a comfortable backpack, manual and a repair kit.


Prepared for a long kite life. The GTS6 is extremely robust, and all of its components are available worldwide for at least six years. And that's more than promised: CORE even guarantees it.


5.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 10.0, 11.0, 12.0, 13.5, 15.0, 17.0

Define new limits, far away from the usual comfort zone! The brand new GTS6 awakens the wild animal in you. Reward yourself with breathtaking megaloops and perfect precision made in Germany. The GTS6

The impressive power of the GTS is no longer a secret among hardcore freestyle fans. Again and again he is the main actor when it comes to fat megaloop sessions. But his compensatory skills in gusty conditions are also worth mentioning. Absolute profile stability and a linear force development characterize the comfort of the GTS on unforgettable downwind trips, whereby the kite is always ready to bare your teeth on demand. Drifting and turning is one of his easiest tasks, which is why he is also a guarantee of fun in the waves.

What's new? We optimized the leading edge and realized a significant improvement in the struts. With a subtly increased diameter, the particularly light ExoTex Light Struts are warp-resistant and thus enable sportier flight behavior with more aggressive punch in loops. All the character traits that have made the GTS5 so popular can also be found in the sixth generation. The three-strut framework and the Future-C shape continue to form the basis for this extreme athlete. Call us obsessive, but after we have tested the GTS6 for so long and extensively, we are firmly convinced that this kite simply rocks! Test it yourself and let us know if you see it the same way. The GTS6 is now available for testing at your CORE specialist dealer. Get your own picture and feel the legendary performance with which this kite has become the undisputed megaloop master!

Who is the GTS6 suitable for? Do you demand enormous power from your kite in loops? Megaloop board-offs are an integral part of your repertoire, or are they at least on the training agenda? Are your surfboard aerials ranked at the same high level as your twintip tricks? If you can answer all these questions with a "yes", the GTS6 is exactly your kite!


A modified, radial reinforcing thread pattern including a special coating distinguishes the extremely low-stretch ExoTex Light from the conventional ExoTex and is ten percent lighter. With a slightly increased diameter, the struts are more torsion-resistant and thus enable a sportier flight behavior with more aggressive punch in loops. The weight saving also makes the GTS6 more driftable than its predecessor - a crucial aspect for freestylers and wavekiters.


The basic structure with three struts allows the GTS6 a more pronounced twist behavior, which is reflected in the form of faster turns. At the same time, the low number of struts makes the kite particularly light, but still guarantees a super stable profile in flight condition.


Customize the GTS6 with its numerous trim options to suit your preferences. There are three different setups available to you via the CIT. In freestyle mode, turns with a larger radius are performed and the GTS6 is fundamentally snappier. The reduced reactivity also enables technically demanding tricks without the kite being easily taxed. In wave mode, the GTS6 turns faster and the depower turns out stronger, which increases control and comfort, especially in strapless wave sessions. When delivered, the GTS6 is in all-round mode, which offers a combination of good depower and full hangtime. On top of that. The bar forces and the speed of rotation can be modified via the attachment points of the control lines on the tip. But don't worry, despite the numerous trim options for individualizing the character, the GTS6 is of course delivered ready to fly.


Legendary C-kite feeling in the sixth generation. With its high aspect ratio, the Open-C-Shape stands for round turning behavior in loops and the uniquely defined feeling of flight with which the GTS has become a true freestyle icon. In combination with the Sensor 3 Bar you experience linear power management in perfection that offers addictive potential. Once Future-C, always Future-C.


The GTS6 generates its immediate, cat-like reflexes thanks to the broad, box-shaped tips. The profile of the leading edge has been optimized in the tips area to enable maximum agility and directness.


The short weighing system with its two deflection rollers is largely responsible for the outstanding reactivity of the GTS6 and also ensures precise feedback on the actions of the kite at the bar


Thanks to extremely abrasion-resistant patches on all segment seams of the front tube and struts, you don't have to worry as much about the surface at your spot with the GTS6.


The Speed ​​Valve 2 accepts all standard pump hoses without an additional adapter and allows the physically greatest possible air flow. It is positioned decentrally, has an extra robust design and is therefore particularly durable. There is no easier, faster and more comfortable way to inflate a kite. This is also noticeable when venting.


The GTS6 masters the lightning-fast water start perfectly. It was designed to take on the relaunch position on its own. A big advantage when there are seconds between two waves. Freestylers will also appreciate the instant relaunch of the GTS6 during their training sessions.