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HL Environment

- bring your trips to a new Level -

HL environment informs you about our region Bavaria / Garmisch Patenkirchen
about the coolest and most beautiful spots.
Beginner or professional, there is something for everyone!
But look for yourself …


The third largest lake in Bavaria leaves nothing to be desired in view of the variety of activities offered.

A relaxed SUP tour on mirror-smooth water or action-packed kiting in the sunset ... here you really have something to do in all weather conditions.

The wind can sometimes be very gusty. Therefore, kitesurfing should be mastered in all respects and it is advisable to always be accompanied on site.


Turquoise blue, crystal clear water.
The Walchensee is perfect for SUP'n. On windier days
It even offers a certain level for advanced paddlers
Challenge and definitely the desired fun factor.

Even kiters will get their money's worth here. He counts to one
the most beautiful kite spots in the world. Once the thermals have arrived, they will accompany you through some breathtaking hours of pure joy.
As with any other spot, but especially this one, it is important to tap local information from the experienced "locals"!

!DANGER! Not suitable for beginners. The safe height running is required here.


One of the clearest lakes in Germany.
Calm water and especially popular with our SUP enthusiastic.
No matter which level the lake invites you to take some relaxed paddle swings.
In the middle of the lake are scattered small islands, which give rise to an atypical beautiful holiday atmosphere.

The kite is unfortunately not used here.


Accurate spot descriptions, directions and more to follow.
For each spot it is necessary to inquire on official pages and / or on site about exact details, etc.