About us


Born 1989 in Berlin.
A little globetrotter, whether Australia, New Zealand or across Asia ... he has seen and experienced quite a lot.

Motorcycle Racing

Despite the fact that he has reached the 30, he is for everyone to have fun and look after you in the shop. He also mainly looks after the administrative tasks of the Company.


Born 1995 in Flörsheim am Main.
Albi, our core expert and aspiring kite instructor.
Despite his tender age, he is very professional and has a lot of know-how.

Nature / mountains

From 2020 he will be available for you as a kite instructor and you as well as Kevin in the shop with advice to the page or just be there for a nice conversation.

Our story

2018 ... Our year of change.
From the idea of infecting other people with kitesurfing and standing by with ordering materials
for the development of the idea and the first contacts with the big companies.
Registration of the trade and simultaneous search for the right transporter ...
Creation of the homepage and much brainstorming for the marketing, up to the opening.
We are curious about what awaits us tomorrow and hope
that we can soon extend "Our History" for you.