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More power and 50 percent lighter than its predecessor. The Slingwing V.2 offers increased performance for advanced users and even easier handling for beginners. The lightest wing ever takes wing surfing to the next level!


Wingsurfing has developed into a real boom in no time. With the Slingwing V.2 we react to this trend and present nothing less than the lightest wing ever. Compared to the first generation, we were able to reduce the weight by an incredible 50 percent, which makes it extremely easy to control and noticeably increases driving comfort. At the same time, vibrations of the wing are reduced in this way if the driver lets it swing out with one hand. Beginners benefit from the significantly reduced force that has to be applied in low winds to hold the wing. Advanced users can enjoy a much easier start on a small board.

Increased performance

With its dihedral shape, the Slingwing V.2 captivates with a stronger, forward-facing pull. This enables a faster transition to the driving state, but also ensures harmonious and linear train behavior while driving. When starting the water, the increased pull to the front is noticeable by the fact that the front wing of the foil is subjected to a more intensive flow. The result: there is quick buoyancy through the foil. Effective added value can also be experienced with a weak wind swell, which can be effortlessly surfed with the Slingwing V.2.

Designed to give you wings

No matter how advanced the skill level is, everyone wants a wing that delivers constant buoyancy. If he tends to nose dive while transferring or surfing a wave with a profile, the joy of the session is quickly lost. This is exactly why we have added strategically placed leading edge handles and a transfer handle that allow the Slingwing V.2 to float comfortably. He always stays within reach so that the sail can be pulled tight within a fraction of a second if desired.

Ergonomic design

The driver changes the position of the wing several times during a session, between waving with one hand and pulling with both hands. Switching from a vertically placed leading edge handle to horizontally aligned strut handles is not very convenient and makes intuitive movement processes more difficult. The new transfer handle was designed with ergonomic considerations in mind and enables smooth transitions between the outgoing sail and the powered ride.

With strong wind, jumps or when pumping it is extremely important that the wing does not deform. Our Y-Handle not only enables easy and effective high-altitude running, it also consistently pulls in the wingtips, which ensures an extremely stable shape - even in very strong winds.

Large spans are always a challenge for beginners and smaller wing surfers because the tips tend to dive into the water. To eliminate this disruptive factor, the Slingwing V.2 is based on a reduced wingspan that remains the same across all sizes. For experienced wing surfers who want to hook themselves up with a trapeze, there are also sewn fastening points for a trapeze rope on the strut.

Intelligent processing

The fascination of wing surfing is primarily to use the swell and thus the energy in the water effectively, which is why the wing is predominantly held with only one hand. The execution of the handles, which we have made of pleasantly soft materials, is accordingly important. There are no seams in the relevant areas so that you don't rub your ankles sore with every session.

Proven slingshot construction

High quality materials and robust workmanship are the subject of our brand philosophy. That is exactly why we use our proven 4 × 4 Canopy Tech for the Slingwing V.2. Numerous other details, such as the double stitching on the leading edge, ensure that you will enjoy your Slingwing V.2 for a very long time. The new design also allows a higher filling pressure, which enables a stiffer leading edge, but also improves the dimensional stability of the entire wing. Despite this bomb-proof processing, you should vent your Slingwing V.2 when it is not in use and store it in the included bag. When inflated, parked on the beach in the wind, its lifespan is reduced


Slingshot has stood for groundbreaking innovations in kite development for 20 years now. It is therefore not surprising that millions of copies and patented achievements such as the one-pump system are the work of our chief designer, Tony Logosz. For the Slingwing V.2, only the best that the development department has to offer has been brought up.


Control the wing with just one hand while letting it blow out and fully focused on riding the swell. The particularly soft material and the seamless construction below the leading edge handle ensure that you do not rub your ankles.


Fasten your leash with a lark's head knot, or by threading the lower end through the fastening loop and then pulling the wrist fixation through the eyelet at the end of the leash.


This special handle arrangement enables more effective upwind angles, jumps with more power and at the same time ensures a more stable shape because it constantly uses the wingtips. A relevant advantage for comfort and control, especially in strong winds.


The 4 × 4 Canopy Tech cloth from Teijin is used in all Slingshot Wings. It is characterized by four transverse and longitudinal ripstop threads and makes our products more robust than ever.


The Slingwing V.2 has a smaller wingspan than its predecessor. So the tips are not so easy to immerse in the water, which is particularly advantageous for light winds and for beginners. The range remains the same across all sizes.


The alignment of the new transfer handle enables a completely intuitive change between a waving wing on one hand and an energized driving style with both hands. Wingsurfing has never been so relaxed!


The Slingwing V.2 is suitable for wing surfers of all skill levels. Since advanced riders like to hook themselves up with a harness, we have integrated attachment points for a harness.


One of the most beautiful aspects of this sports device is its simple and safe use. Rudimentary board or foil skills as well as knowledge of the wind are enough to get started with the Slingwing V.2. In combination with a foil, the effort to hold it is minimal. It is also minimal on the SUP, snow or skateboard, but is higher due to the increased resistance when driving than with the foil board.


Everything included! The Slingwing V.2 is delivered with a robust and comfortably large backpack, which is designed for transport and storage. A wrist leash is also included.

Sling Wing

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